The Beautiful Dragonfly Fountain In Action


This is a video of a custom-colored Dragonfly Wall Fountain. It was a custom water feature ordered by a renown dentist in the prestigious Cherry Creek neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Her patients love the fountain, as it gives the office waiting room a wonderful ambiance.

Bring Your Vision to Reality

When it comes to solving the often complex issues in decorating your home or office, Chic Fountains shares your ambitions.  As seasoned artists with a focus on indoor water features, we work hand-in-hand with you to understand what makes your décor plans unique and develop an approach to handcraft an indoor fountain that will not only compliment, but become the centerpiece of your space.

In making your décor scheme successful, we collaborate to root out just exactly how you would like your space to feel.  We are able to bring your dreams to reality by identifying the core elements of your vision:  what takes you to your happy place; what colors and shapes dictate and affect your moods; what message do you want to convey to your guests and Customers.

We specialize in both indoor wall fountains and indoor floor fountains and have over 130 unique designs.  You can choose one of these in its current state, modify the shape or color of one to your liking or create a custom water fountain from scratch.

In over 40 years of creating decorative water fountains, we have brought joy and relaxation into the homes and offices of thousands.  We don’t refer to our Customers as Customers.  We’re more than that:  we become friends from our first point of contact!

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